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INDICON Executive Guided Tour for Conference Delegates (3 Days – 2 Nights)

Day – 1 (16 December 2019) :

7:30 AM Departure from Rajkot to Bhuj 240 Km
12:30 PM Lunch @City the Village Resort 45 Km
02:30 PM Visit Gandhi nu Gam (Hudko), Kala Raksha NGO site 45 Km
04:00 PM Check-in at Gate of Rann Resort, Dhordo & Tea/Coffee @30 Min.
04:30 PM Proceed towards white Rann, site seeing 5 Km
09:00 PM Dinner at Gate of Rann Resort
Total Travelling Distance 335 Km

Day – 2 (17 December 2019) :

8:00 AM Breakfast & Departure 80 Km
9:30 AM Bhuj – Swaminarayan Temple; Prag Mahal; Aina Mahal 2 Hours
11:30 AM Hiralaxmi Craft Park, Vande Mataram Memorium 2 Hours
01:30 PM Check-in at Dream Resort & Lunch 2 Hours
05:00 PM Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandvi 65 Km
06:00 PM Mandvi Beach 10 Km
09:00 PM Night Halt at Dream Resort 65 Km
Total Travelling Distance 220 Km

Day – 3 (18 December 2019) :

8:00 AM Breakfast & Departure towards Dholavira 210 Km
12:00 PM Dholavira - Indus Valley Civilization/Harappan city 2 Hours
01:30 PM Lunch – Packed Food 1 Hour
02:30 PM Departure from Dholavira towards Rajkot 260 Km
05:15 PM High Tea at Samakhiyari (Gandhi) / Surajbari (Honest)
8:30 PM Rajkot (or Ahmedabad, 364 Km from Dholavira)
Total Travelling Distance 65 Km

Note: The fee for post tours is not included in the registration fee.

Post Conference Tour Fee
Occupancy Fee
Double Sharing INR 12000
Single Sharing INR 20000

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Following Cancellation Policy may be include for registration:
  • Cancellation within 90 Days to 60 Days of arrival will attract 25 % charge.
  • Cancellation within 60 Days to 45 Days of arrival will attract 50 % charge.
  • Cancellation within 45 Days to 30 Days of arrival will attract 75 % charge.
  • Cancellation within 30 Days of arrival will attract 100 % charge.

Day – 1

Kala Raksha-NGO

Hudka Village

White Rann

Gate of Rann Ressort

Day - 2

Swaminarayan Temple

Prag Mahal

Aina Mahal

Vijay Vilas Palace

Mandvi Beach

Dream Resort (Night Stay)

Bhujodi: Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft Park preserves and promote the arts of Kutch and making them accessible to masses. The Vande Mataram Memorial is a unique national Monument seeking to immortalize the most momentous episodes in India’s freedom struggle from British Rule. Vande Mataram uses a combination of art; architecture and technology to create an immersive experience which helps us re-live the journey to independence first-hand.

Day – 3

Dholavira [] is an archaeological site at Khadirbet in Kutch District of Gujarat. The site contains ruins of an ancient Indus Valley Civilization/Harappan city. Dholavira’s location is on the Tropic of Cancer. It is one of the five largest Harappan sites and most prominent archaeological sites in India belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization.