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Accepted Workshops

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Workshop - 1

Title: “Deep Learning Applications Design, Development and Deployment in IoT Edge”

Duration: Full day
Speaker: Dr. Jayakumar S, Rinanu Semiconductor, Bengaluru
Co-instructors Dr. Soma Pande, Dr. Vijay Pande, Dr. Jayakumar Venkatesan

Business owners for enterprises of all sizes are struggling to find the next generation of solutions that will unlock the hidden patterns and value from their data. Many organizations are turning to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) to provide higher levels of value and increased accuracy from a broader range of data than ever before. They are looking to AI to provide the basis for the next generation of transformative business applications that span hundreds of use cases across a variety of Industry verticals. AI, ML and DL have become hot topics with global IT clients. They are driven by the confluence of next-generation ML and DL algorithms, new accelerated hardware and more efficient tools to store, process and extract value from vast and diverse data sources that ensure high levels of AI accuracy. However, AI client initiatives are complex and often require specialized skills, ability, hardware and software that is often not readily available. AI enabled application deployment includes both the software and the hardware infrastructure that are deeply optimized for a complete production AI system.

Engineering workforce in industry with good interest in moving with new development tool set and associated environments. Engineering college teaching staff with good interest in setting up “Cognitive Computing Lab” in their college after going through proposed workshop. Self-motivated students with an interest in learning DL based Application development and Deployment in IoT Edge.

Session Topics Duration
1 Training Data set Creation, Model: Design and Train, Model: Deploy in Ubuntu 18.04 machine Three hours
2 Model: Deploy in Jetson Nano One hour thirty minutes
3 Watson Machine Learning enabled design, training and deployment of AI Applications.
Sample application will be created on local PC or Smartphone to use DL application deployment in IBM Watson.
IBM Watson: Model, Train, Deploy and Use
Three hours

Speaker Bio:
Experienced CTO with over 29 years of experience in Digital Signal Processing Industry. Excellent reputation for resolving problems, improving customer satisfaction, and driving overall operational improvements. Known to the world as Dr. JK, a veteran in semiconductor electronics. B. Tech in Aerospace from Madras Institute of Technology, who did his master’s and his Doctorate in Systems and control engineering from IIT Bombay, plus Research Fellowship at KU Leuven University, Belgium. He began his career working in HAL, Cranes Info Tech, Mistral Solution before launching himself in the startup world by steering brands like Epigon Media Technologies (during July 2000), Rinanu Semiconductors (during 2015) and few more with less role in those startups. A truly respected brand across the globe in the field of Semiconductors, JK has been one of the core team heads in the design and development of products like the “Karaoke Machine”. Another major achievement of the past has been his contribution in the development of the solution “Satellite Radio Receiver”, which, we in the 1990’s and till 2010 recognized by the brand name “WorldSpace”. A person inspired by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, where APJ quotes “If you want to shine like a Sun, first burn like a Sun”. You will find Dr. J K working 24x7, ideating, prototyping and triggering solutions of quality to every challenge in the field of electronics and communication engineering. Presently, mostly with IBM Watson and its associated technology to innovate things in Deep learning for the Automotive industry and for Aerospace industry. Being part of many road shows along with team in IBM Openpower foundations and IEEE IoT BLP course. Working on innovating Mathematics for Neural network and associated computations.

Contact details:
E-mail: [email protected]
Company Name: Rinanu Semiconductor LLP

Workshop - 2

Title: “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency"

Duration: Half day
Speaker: Dr. Adarsh Kumar

The aim of this workshop is to promote research aspects in internet security, familiarize with tools available for blockchain (ethereum, hyperledger, solidity, virtual studio code, nodejs, web3js), identify and synthesize needs for cryptocurrency techniques (ethereum, bitcoin, altcoin, ripple etc.), share information and practical awareness for bockchain protection from cyber-attacks (POW, POS, POA, DPOA) etc. The workshop will start with an overview of blockchain and cryptocurrency aspects to help the audience understand importance of these aspects in real life scenarios. This workshop is planned into two parts: technical session and hands-on session. The technical session part of the workshop will focus on the most challenging contemporary issues in blockchain and cryptocurrency. The hands-on session part will extend the discussion to address the practical evaluation of blockchain tools and techniques. After each session, a small group breakout session will be conducted where key topics from the current session are addressed with participants helping identify recent trends and research gaps. At the end of workshop, summary of key findings and takeaways will be presented.

This workshop would be useful for the persons from academia (students, research scholar, staff and faculty members) and industry who would like to gain expertise and excel their skill set in field of cybersecurity, information security and cryptography.

Session Topics Duration
1 Overview of blockchain and cryptocurrencies 45 minutes
2 Developing a Blockchain Network (creating hash functions, revisiting blocks, block hashes, private and public keys, addresses, wallets, blockchain demonstration, distributed blockchain implementation etc.)
Implementation of Consensus Algorithms (Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake etc.)

Practicing Ethereum Network and Developing Blockchain Application with Node.js and Web3.js (Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic, Interacting with Ethereum network using command line and various user interfaces, creating Ethereum account, sending and checking transactions using test networks etc.)

Practicing Hyperledger Blockchain Network (hyperledger fabric basic transaction flow, blockchain and banks, ripple payment system, stellar payment network, tendermint, usage of blockchain etc.)
90 minutes
3 Solidity Programming Introduction (layout of solidity file, structure of a contract, state variables, functions, function modifiers, events, struct types, enum types, Value types (boolean, integer, address etc.), reference types, units and global variables, Perform unit testing and debug smart contracts with Truffle, Ganache, Remix, and MetaMask etc.)

Introduction to Smart Contract Development (Writing variables in smart contracts, developing logic in smart contracts using functions, automated testing etc.)

Experimenting Contract Writing (contract inheritance, creating libraries, mathematical and cryptography functions, multiwallet signature scheme etc.)

Executing attack scenarios in Blockchain Network (reentrancy attack, parity attack, call unknown, DoS, security analysis tools etc.)
90 minutes

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Adarsh Kumar received his master’s degree (M. Tech) in Software Engineering from Thapar University, Patiala, Punjab, India, in 2005 and earned his PhD degree from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University, Noida, India in 2016 followed by Post-Doc from Software Research Institute, Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireleand during 2016-2018. From 2005 to 2016, he has been associated with the Department of Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida, Uttar-Pardesh, India, where he worked as Assistant Professor. Currently, he is working with University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun, India as Associate Professor in School of Computer Science. He has performed various administrative responsibilities at department and university level. His main research interests are cybersecurity, cryptography, network security, and ad-hoc networks. He has conducted more than 15 workshops and faculty development programs in field of cybersecurity, blockchain, network security and ethical hacking. He has published 40+ research papers in reputed journals, conferences and workshops. He participated in one European Union H2020 sponsored research project and he is currently executing two research projects sponsored from UPES SEED division.

Contact details:

Associate Professor, Cyber Platform (Systemics)
School of Computer Science,
Energy Acres: Bidholi via Premnagar
Dehradun – 248007,
[email protected].in
+91 11 – 41730151 (Extn 1768)
(M) +91 7652862045

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